Below you will find a list of my recent working papers, online appendices, and in some cases, data and replication codes. 


-- Harding, M., C. Lamarche, and C. Muris, 2023, Combining Instrumental Variable Estimators for a Panel Model with Factors and Clustered Data. Revise and resubmit, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

-- Battistin, E., C. Lamarche and E. Rettore, 2023. Quantiles of the Gain Distribution of an Early Childhood Intervention, Revise and resubmit, Journal of Applied Econometrics

-- Lamarche, C. 2023, Quantile Regression with an Endogenous Misclassified Binary Regressor 

-- Hartley, R., C. Lamarche and J. Ziliak, 2023, Bootstrapping Quantile Correlations with an Application for Income Status across Generations, Economics Letters, forthcoming 

-- Breitmar, N., M. Harding and C. Lamarche, 2023,  Using Grouped Data to Estimate Revenue Heterogeneity in Online Advertising Auctions, AEA Papers and Proceedings, accepted for publication

-- Hartley, R., C. Lamarche and J. Ziliak, 2023,  Parental Welfare Participation and the Economic Status of Daughters and Sons 

-- Harding, M., H. Hsu, and C. Lamarche, 2023, A Repeated Durations Approach to Heterogeneity in Debt Cycles

-- Khademorezaian, K., G. Kosmopoulou and C. Lamarche, 2023, Networks and Competition in NFT Auctions

-- De Silva, D., T. Dunne, G. Kosmopoulou and C. Lamarche, 2019, Project Modifications and Bidding in Procurement Auctions